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Suffolk FADA Winner!

My first tweet said 'Oh my god. I won it! Best Newcomer @EADT24 Food and Drink awards 2016! #chuffed #suffolkfada #Thankyou'

I still can't quite believe it. It feels strange to say 'I won the Best Newcomer at the Suffolk Food and Drink Awards 2016'. My partner and I moved to Suffolk for two reasons. Suffolk is somewhere fantastic to bring children up and secondly because of the food. 

Being huge foodies and originally living over the border in Essex. We used to make weekend pilgrimages into Suffolk to eat! Suffolk is just packed with amazing pubs and restaurants but is also home to amazing producers of food and drink. 

The fact that Suffolk is such a flavorsome county is widely known and The East Anglian Daily Times celebrates this with the highly acclaimed Food and Drink Awards. 


When I received the email notification that I had been confirmed as a finalist I was so excited.. In fact, in private celebration I jumped around in my kitchen, clapping my hands like an over excited seal. Now came the long wait until the awards, but first,

who would I be up against ..? 

... Oh my, The Queen Bee in Brandeston (one of the best pubs in the whole of Suffolk) and Lavenham Butchers, which is my partner's meaty mecca. 

The awards was a sparkly affair held at Kesgrave Hall. After a Gin and Tonic reception (I may have had more than one, just to settle the nerves of course) we were led into the ever so sparkly dining room where we would enjoy a fantastic lunch before hearing who had won. 

The 'Best Newcomer' was the first award on the agenda. 

And the winner is... 

I was a giddy explosion on the stage. I got asked a perfectly sensible question about my social media and I just had to stop them to say what and honour it was to win this award. The company that I shared, the finalists, were of such a high calibre it was crazy. Being on the stage in front of all those foodie heroes was well. Something else! 

It felt amazing. It was amazing. It was a huge honour. 

Big thanks to the EADT for celebrating all of the purveyors, producers, growers and cooks of the best food and drink in Britain. 

Big thanks to the sponsors and of course my fellow finalists and now foodie friends at Lavenham Butchers and The Queen Bee at Brandeston.

Suffolk Food and Drink Best Newcomer 2016
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