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My name is Fiona, self titled 'Chief Baker and Cake maker' at Moo Moo Cakes. I bake my cake girls in my country kitchen in the chocolate box village of Cavendish, Suffolk.

I love artisan bakeries and coffee houses - they give me LOTS of happiness in my tummy! My favourite food market in the whole world has to be Borough Market, London. It's all about the honesty and purity of high quality food. This is what I love and what I aim to mirror in my offerings to you..

I have been obsessed with all things delicious since a young age and when I went on maternity leave with my first child, I really did turn up the heat on my baking. Other bakers and cake makers sometimes claim "we use the highest quality ingredients" and I am sure they do. But the importance of using the best is really important to me, its the key to making great cakes. 

When I was diagnosed with PCOS in my 20's, I knew that a change in my diet was going to be key and with my food-obsessed partner (what a team!) we set about sourcing and eating the most amazing ingredients and food. And this is reflected in everything I bake today.

To me, there is nothing worse then eating a slice of cake that looks nice, but in reality actually tastes disappointing. I always say, if you're going to eat cake, eat GOOD cake ;-)


I absolutely love using a mix of organic, British, local and seasonal produce in all the cakes I bake. I also love to experiment and adapt recipes to give them additional health benefits. I don't use refined sugars in my bakes and reduce sugar content where I can. I can produce gluten free, dairy free, egg free and sugar free bakes.  

I love making cakes for all occasions, so if you need scrummy Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes or Cakes for Corporate Events please let me know. Also, have a little read of the reviews I have received from customers so far. 

Finally, the name Moo Moo Cakes is after my daughter, whom I call Moo Moo and she is my Chief Taster (self appointed) and my biggest fan! ;-)

The Taste of Sudbury 2019 212.jpg

Photo credit: Emma Cabielles Photography

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