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Ombre Wedding Cakes

I learned this really interesting and fabulous technique from cake maker extraordinaire Juliet Sear who works with really famous people, including the royals (as you do.)

The word 'ombre' is literally french for 'colour that is shaded or graduated in tone' (me trying to sound intelligent). An ombre wedding cake is decorated in bands of different coloured buttercream. Smooth finish or petal effect, the colours are graduated in tone.

Its all about the colour palette with ombre wedding cakes. They can be fun, romantic or dramatic. Depending on the vibe you want your wedding beauty to evoke. 

Ombre cakes can be decorated with a whole host of beautiful and delicious delights. I have found that less is more and to let the ombre do the talking/ make the statment.

In the next few weeks I will be creating a two tier green to white ombre beauty. Base tier taller then the top tier. Dressed with foliage and some small elegant blooms in shades of pale pink. Excited!

Have a sneaky peak at the full range of my wedding cakes I make in my Wedding Cake Gallery

Do you have a really cool idea for your wedding cake? Are you excited to talk about it and want to chat to someone who 'get's it' Give me a tinkle and let's make some cake magic happen! 

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Chief Baker & Cake Maker 

Hi, I am Fiona, Chief Baker and award winning Cake Maker at Moo Moo Cakes. I love a wedding, I really do! Creating wedding beauties gives me so much joy, I cannot begin to tell you. From first contact all the way through to the magical day, I love working with my couples to create their dream wedding beauty and being their cake fairy on their very special day. 

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