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Christmas cakes and bakes

'Tis the season to be jolly and another reason to indulge in great cake. At Moo Moo Cakes we love, love, love Christmas and are on hand to help with your festive cake needs. 

At Moo Moo Cakes we make alternative Christmas cakes. So for those of you that are not fans of heavy fruit cake, candied peel and marzipan, our cakes are just for you!

The flavours of Christmas, to us, come in the magical forms of warm cinnamon, nutmeg, spiced apple, moreish chocolate, orange and toasted hazelnuts.

Christmas memories from my childhood, mum bringing out the Ferror roche and Terry's chocolate orange. My dad would have his festive pint of Guinness. He wasn't much of drinker but felt it was his Irish duty to have one at Christmas ;-) Happy times.



This has inspired me to make my gluten free chocolate, orange and almond cake, with a hint of cinnamon, wrapped and swirled in a dark chocolate buttercream.

My 'Nutella' cake, moreish and dark organic chocolate cake, layered and wrapped with Nutella infused chocolate buttercream. Finished with crushed toasted hazelnuts.

Inspired by a chocolate Guinness cake, I make my chocolate 'Growler' cake and Aspall apple cider cake with crushed pecans.  

If you are interested in us baking you a Christmas cake get in touch.

Gift vouchers available! 

You can also give the gift of a Moo Moo Cakes cake. Simply ping me an email and I can arrange your vouchers to be sent to you via email or in the post. 

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