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Drip Wedding Cakes 

I love a drip cake. Drips have been key to my signature cakes for years and I adore them. They are fun, stylish and delicious.  

My first ever drip wedding cake was a three 3 tier salted caramel drip cake of dreams.


Each tier was alternative layers of organic vanilla and chocolate cake, layered with my homemade salted caramel and matching buttercreams. All wrapped in a smooth vanilla buttercream with salted caramel drips flowing down the sides of the tiers. 

You can also have white organic chocolate drips, with added shimmer or colour to work with your theme. Or keep it classic and moreish with dark organic chocolate drips. Chocolate lovers dream. 


You can then add edible flowers/ homemade popcorn & macaroons, chocolates/ fruit/ edible gold/ silver leaf/ edible glitter. The options are fun, stylish and delicious.   

On the day of the wedding, I arrive, stack and dress all of my cakes. At an arranged time that is close to cutting, to keep your wedding beauty fresh and delicious. 

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Chief Baker & Cake Maker 

Hi, I am Fiona, Chief Baker and award winning Cake Maker at Moo Moo Cakes. I love a wedding, I really do! Creating wedding beauties gives me so much joy, I cannot begin to tell you. From first contact all the way through to the magical day, I love working with my couples to create their dream wedding beauty and being their cake fairy on their very special day. 

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