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Cake Stall for Events

I know it sounds strange.. But I always wanted to have a market stall.

Growing up in East London and with Borough Market on my doorstep I spent a lot of time in markets. Mainly eating. Later in life I realised that my days spent in markets wasn't just about tasting the treats that were available but were going to play a part in my future business.


I made it happen and now have a real life cake stall that I can take on the road. That baking dream became a reality (little things). Being a self confessed feeder and ambassador of cake love; what else could I have done.. Taking cake on the road makes me and others feel happy inside :-) 

Moo Moo cakes the 'Cake stall' is available for Country Fairs, Markets, Fetes, Weddings, Shows and Events in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex. 

Having an outdoor wedding? We are also available for weddings. Imagine a cake stall, decorated in your beautiful flowers groaning with delicious sweet treats for your guests to enjoy.. We can even bring the Wedding Cake ;-)

We are also a cake supplier should you need cakes and bakes for your stall or event. 

Ready to talk cake and stalls?

Contact Moo Moo Cakes here

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