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Buttercream Wedding Cakes

Buttercream wedding cakes are the modern classic. Beautiful and elegant, they really are stunning and delicious beauties.

Buttercream finished cakes are so deliciously romantic. The buttercream can be finished in various styles - smooth, swirled, textured. Dressed with beautiful flowers in either a minimal or full floral arrangement. The beauty of this is to work in harmony with your colour scheme/ theme or even compliment your bouquet.


As with all of my wedding cakes, buttercream cakes can be served as finger size portions for your guests. To be enjoyed in the evening part of the celebrations or served as a dessert canape - if you wish to cut your wedding beauty at the start of your wedding reception.


Alternatively as dessert size portions, to serve at the end of the wedding breakfast, to complete your first meal as a married couple. 


It has been a special request of some my couples to have the top tier for themselves, to enjoy at leisure the day after the wedding. 

This style of full buttercream cake would suit any theme of wedding. Whether you have a rustic wedding or a more traditional theme. Hosted inside a tepee, barn or a country home, a buttercream wedding cake a stunning choice. 

See more of my buttercream wedding cakes in my Wedding Cake Gallery


Which style would you love? Would you like to add drips, popcorn, chocolates, macaroons or edible gold leaf? Exciting decisions.


If you are looking for a wedding cake maker that cares as much as you about these details. Get in touch and let's get wedding giddy together.

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Chief Baker & Cake Maker 

Hi, I am Fiona, Chief Baker and award winning Cake Maker at Moo Moo Cakes. I love a wedding, I really do! Creating wedding beauties gives me so much joy, I cannot begin to tell you. From first contact all the way through to the magical day, I love working my couples to create their dream wedding beauty and being their cake fairy on their very special day. 

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