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Chocolate Swirls & Salted Caramel at Midsummer House

A heavenly combination (if I do say so myself) so you can imagine my excitement when I get to create a beautiful wedding cake using this star combo.

Wedding Cakes Cambridge

January is normally a quiet time for weddings, but when I received an email request looking for a wedding cake maker in Cambridgeshire from my lovely bride-to-be (b-t-b), I knew this was going to be a delicious one.

What started as an open brief, during our discussions and questions, I gathered lots of beautiful information about the plans for the day, cake flavours and colours the couple love. This helped me to create the perfect cake for them to share with friends and family on their magical day. To be told by the b-t-b “I really have nothing to say or add. You have read our thoughts and it couldn't be more perfect” Always makes me smile. I believe it’s really important that every wedding cake should reflect the couple’s personality, style and foodie love.

The plan: a two tier, triple layered organic chocolate wedding cake with a generous layer of my homemade salted caramel and chocolate buttercream, then wrapped in swirls of chocolate buttercream. Dressed with elegant roses, baby’s breath and eucalyptus. The roses were in shades of pink and red, pops of beautiful colour against the contrast of the chocolate. A true modern beauty.

Midsummer House Weddings Cake

I had the amazing pleasure of driving this beautiful cake to Cambridge, to the fabulous 2 star Michelin restaurant, Midsummer House. As an enormous and somewhat giddy foodie, this was SO exciting for me. I watched Daniel Clifford on Great British Menu for years and have always wanted to eat at Midsummer House. It was a beautiful sunny and crisp January morning. Stunning blue skies surrounded the restaurant, a perfect day for a wedding.

The private dining room where the wedding breakfast was going to take place was beautiful and I was so proud to have my beauty of a wedding cake there. Only wish I could have stayed to enjoy the feast!

In addition to the wedding cake, I also made a special birthday cake for the couple’s 2 year old daughter. I made a triple layer wholesome carrot cake. Warm with spice, raisins, crushed pecans and wrapped in a lemon buttercream. Finished with a halo of hearts, stars and a pipped message for the birthday girl.

One of my brides once called me a ‘cake fairy’ I discreetly wiz in, assemble and dress the cake close to the arrival of wedding party/ cutting of the cake, to keep it beautiful and fresh. I didn’t get the opportunity to meet my bride in person, but she was so gorgeously kind to let me know how hoe she felt.

Wedding Cakes Cambridgeshire

“Fiona did both my wedding cake and my daughter’s birthday cake. She asked me some questions and then knew already exactly what to do. They both looked amazing and tasted wonderful. I can't thank her enough for making our special days taste so delicious!! Can't wait for another special occasion to have some more of her cakes”

Are you looking for the perfect Wedding Cake Maker in Cambridge? Contact Moo Moo Cakes and lets start talking your favourite flavours!


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