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Organic Gluten Free Triple Layer Vanilla Birthday Cake

Gluten Free Vanilla Cake

I do love to experiment and produce really meaningful cakes. The brief on this particular cake was to incorporate a cat, two dogs and a chicken (the birthday girl’s most loved and treasured animals) into a Birthday Cake. During my conversation with her husband, I discovered that the birthday girl loves strawberries and follows the Blood Group diet. So, I got to work digging a bit deeper in to the beneficial foods for her blood group. The significant benefit I could make would be to make the cake gluten free. So I got to work!

The checklist of ingredients for this super scrummy cake were:

Organic Gluten Free Self Raising Flour Organic Butter Organic Eggs Unrefined Sugar Vanilla Lots of British Strawberries Unrefined Icing Sugar

I find that with gluten free cakes, you need to add extra moisture to prevent the cake becoming too dense or dare I say, dry. You can add a few tablespoons of milk, buttermilk, yogurt etc. Makes a huge difference to the yummy factor!

As this was for a party in Glemsford with lots of friends in attendance, I asked the husband of the birthday girl, if he would like a standard layered cake or did he want to triple it. His response “Triple us up!”

I feel you really get the “wow” factor with a tall cake. When you cut in to it and see each gorgeous layers of yumminess. This cake measured 4 ½ inches deep and it a really positive response at the party ;-)

When it came to building the cake, each layer had strawberry buttercream (made with strawberry puree & vanilla) and fresh sliced strawberries. I then covered the whole cake with the buttercream and then hand piped the requested message “From All That Love You”

To fulfil the brief and in keeping with my style, I created silhouettes of the dogs, cat and chicken with pink sugar paste and placed them on the sides of the cake. I then made individual hearts and placed them on the cake. I also used them to decorate the cake board, which I felt really completed the design.

I was really happy with how the cake turned out and that all of the extra guests at the birthday party / festival got a slice. Thank goodness we tripled it! ;-)

Happy Birthday Fiona, loads of love from Moo Moo Cakes! xxx

This really is a scrummy-licious cheesecake that's up there with my all time favourite cakes. It sets your taste buds rocking.

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