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My Daughter's 1st Birthday & Christening Cupcake Tower

Christening Cake

Last weekend was crazy busy, but in a really good way. It was my daughter's 1st birthday party and christening at Clare priory, Suffolk. And what a party it was. I absolutely love having friends and family together at such a special occasion and I knew I had to bake a birthday cake and christening cake that was fitting for the combined celebrations.

So, I decided to make a balloon themed, 7-tier cake tower with a 6-inch, triple layered cake and 60 cupcakes in a tower, in 3 flavours, on the remaining 6-tiers..... As you do.

1st Birthday and christening cupcake tower

(Apologises that the photo isn't the best, as you can imagine, I was rushing around doing the hostess part and didn't get a second to take a picture of the cake myself. Which is very naughty of me, I know!)

So why did I opt for this design? apart from being easily accessible for everyone to pick the cakes they want and run (that would be the kids and the reason why you can't see 60 cupcakes in this picture!?) The additional beauty of it, is the fact you can save the top tier for your family to enjoy separately. That way, your little angel can blow out the candles all over again! a win-win situation.

Back to cakes, I wanted to create a series of bakes that were super yummy and healthy for both children and adults to enjoy.

Top tier - a triple layered, baby healthy, organic carrot cake. What made it healthy? High content of organic carrots Organic rapeseed oil for good omega fueled fats Lower sugar content - part dark brown sugar and raisins for sweetness. No refined sugars - even the icing sugar was unrefined in the buttercream that covered the cake.

The cupcake tower Organic chocolate beetroot (a superfood) cupcakes with an organic chocolate buttercream Organic vanilla cupcakes (lower sugar content) with vanilla buttercream Baby healthy organic carrot cupcakes (the same as top tier) with cinnamon buttercream

(I love baking cakes with Vegetables and yummy goodness in)

For decoration, I made sugar paste balloons, using a premium quality paste, in the same colours as the colour scheme for the party.

Perfect for my daughter's very special day.

Please feel free to share the love with friends and family, who would be interested in Moo Moo Cakes creating a deliciously different cake, for their very special babies.

Thanks again to Father David and team at Clare Priory! x

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