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Good For You Wholemeal Waffles - Dairy Free

Good for you Waffles Dairy Free

If you follow the blog you might know that love a weekend breakfast! It really gives you the time to invest in an indulgent and delicious breakfast. As you can tell from my other recipes, I really like pancakes but when you have had them on the Saturday, what do you eat on the Sunday? Well, the answer is waffles. Good for you, wholemeal waffles that are cooked in a griddle pan! Unintentionally dairy free too, the Almond Milk really adds great flavour! No need to buy a fancy waffle maker either.

Good for you Wholemeal Waffles cooked in a griddle pan - Serves 4

340g Organic Wholemeal Flour (fine milled) 450ml Organic Almond Milk 3 Free Range Organic Eggs 3 Tsps Baking Powder Pinch of Salt Tbsp of Sugar Heaped Tsp Cinnamon Cap of Vanilla 100g Organic Rapeseed Oil (plus some for frying)

I always thought that you needed a Waffle Iron to cook Waffles, thankfully you don't! You just need a griddle pan, a non-stick griddle pan though.. Waffles are so easy to make, once you have all of the ingredients measured out simply put them in a bowl and mix thoroughly with a whisk. That's the Flour, Almond Milk, Eggs, Baking Powder (level teaspoons remember), Salt, Sugar, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Rapeseed Oil (make sure that its a good one). The batter should be pouring consistency, if so, Waffle batter done.

The challenge is turning them!

Get a tray in the oven to keep the Waffles warm as you cook them. Get the Griddle pan warming up on the hob (medium gas) and brush the bottom and sides of the pan with more Rapeseed Oil.

Waffles are easy to cook, simply ladle mixture into pan, aim for a waffle the size of the griddle pan and cook on a medium heat for 5 minutes. The first side needs to be cooked quite firmly, golden brown and crisp so that it is packed with flavour and holds up to the turning of the Waffle. Bubbles will have appeared on the uncooked side and depending on the thickness of the Waffle it may have started to cook and appear to be drying. I use a large, broad and flat knife, a palette knife is perfect. Make sure that the Waffle isn't stuck by gently getting the knife under the edges of the Waffle. I then get the knife under the Waffle toward one end and tip the pan up at the same time so the turning Waffle has a shorter distance to travel before touching the pan again. You have to be confident and accept that sometimes they will break.. Its not a problem and you will get better at it and you will probably chop them into quarters before serving anyway. Cook the Waffle on the second side for the same amount of time, again until golden brown and crispy then place on a warm tray in the oven as you cook the second.

Waffles are an absolute pleasure at the weekend, the fact that this version is healthy makes you feel all the better. They have a crisp and flavoursome jacket with a fluffy middle.. Totally yum! I mainly serve my Waffles with Blueberries and Vanilla Yoghurt although the fruit tends to change with the seasons, All fruit works, Greek Yoghurt really adds to the breakfast (replace with a soya yoghurt if you are dairy intolerant).

Make Waffles, love Waffles.

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