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The Moo Moo Cake

The classic Moo Moo Cake Birthday cake is an elegant way to celebrate someone specials birthday. 

So this elegant little beauty is the Moo Moo Cake. Its a perfect birthday cake or you can serve it any celebration by simply changing the message. 

Made in any flavour the classic Moo Moo Cake has a Buttercream finish. This can be smooth, rustic, ribboned (like the picture). The buttercream can be coloured if you would like but I like to leave it au natural turned cream because of the extra tasty bits left in the unrefined sugar.

The Moo Moo Cake is decorated with sugar paste flowers. These can be any colour or size that you like. I have made large sunflowers through to daisies. But I much prefer the more cutsie little flowers lightly coloured.  

Finally the cake is piped with a message of your choice. Happy Birthday or Anniversary, thanks for everything whatever you would like. 

So find out what their favourite flavour of cake is, let me know what message and colours you would like and give someone a Moo Moo Cake today. 


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