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Drip Cakes

Drip cakes scream 'Eat me! I love creating a delicious cake and drip cakes are just so gorgeous.

You can add drips to any smooth or textured buttercream cake. The drips are made from dark chocolate, white chocolate or salted caramel.

You can the dress the cake with lots of beautiful toppings, such as fruit, flowers, meringue shards, chocolate truffles or nuts. Fruit can be coated in chocolate or edible glitter, there are just so many combinations and ways to make this cake really 'pop'

Drips can be added to any type of cake. Drips look great on Wedding cakes, Birthday cakes in fact any type of celebration cake

Drip cakes can be made to any colour scheme you like. You can have a beauitful vanilla buttercream with white chocolate drips or you can be out there and go crazy with colours.


Drip cakes are fun, bespoke and delicious. Got an idea? Or would you like me to create you something amazing. Get in contact and lets chat drip cakes! 

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