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Apple & Spelt Pancakes

July 10, 2016


Jamie Oliver gave me the idea for using apples in pancakes - such a delicious discovery. I love my Apple & Spelt pancakes, they really are scrummy. I also think we need to eat more spelt - it's nutritiously good for you and delivers so much flavour. Healthy and tasty!? Winner in my book. Scroll down for my Apple & Spelt Pancake recipe. Hope you love them too.


Apple & Spelt Pancakes 
Large cup of Marriages spelt flour 
Large cup of organic milk 
2 local eating apples, grated
1 large organic egg
1 teaspoon of cinnamon 

Serve with natural yogurt (add a drop of organic vanilla extract) & drizzle organic agave nectar.

Cook in British rapeseed oil.


Preheat the oven on to 100c/ Fan 80c (to keep your cooked pancakes warm whilst you are cooking the rest).


In a bowl, add your spelt flour, cinnamon, milk, egg and apples. Mix together with a whisk until a batter mixture forms. Now, heat the pan on a medium heat, add some rapeseed oil. With a ladle, add your first generous amount of pancake batter. Encourage the mixture to spread around the pan before it starts to cook, the mixture needs to be liquid enough that you can cover the base of the frying pan before it starts to cook. Then, leave to cook, for about a minute, watch for air bubbles and signs that the mixture is setting/ cooking. Now turn the pancake over, either tossing it or using an egg slice (whichever method makes your life easier and kitchen cleaner!?) Cook for the same amount of time, until you are happy with the golden brown colour.


As you're cooking your pancakes, keep them warm by placing on a tray in a preheated oven. Soon enough you will have a huge pile of scrummy Apple & Spelt pancakes. Serve with natural yogurt, infused with your organic vanilla extract  and drizzle over some organic agave nectar. 

I hope you find this delicious! Lots of Love Moo Moo Cakes x

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